How to setup your email with outlook

May 3, 2018


First of all you need to have email server setup with zoho or email server with your hosting provider .
If you are with zoho ,login to your zoho account and click on the icon Settings icon on your right hand top corner and click settings

And scroll down and in the email account section click on POP Access and you will find POP3 Settings like this .

pop setting

And same with IMAP when you click the IMAP link

imap settings

Quickly ill go thorough the main differences between IMAP and POP

POP saves email locally and view the emails without internet access once the emails downloaded from the server
IMAP saves emails on the server and same email can be access from multiple devices and have to have a internet connection to view the emails.
And if you have a hosting account with hostgator or any other hosting provider login to your cpanel and click on the email accounts section.