My Sales Follow-up System

25 Aug 2021

My Sales Follow-up System, introduced by Nimrald Tradings (Pvt.) Ltd. is a successful internally used back-end system as well as the best tracking App mainly for sales representatives.

Nimrald Tradings (Pvt.) Ltd. is a Printer Consumable Supplier that offers cost-effective laser and ink (office) printing solutions, toners and ink cartridges. The prime objective of the company is to increase sales revenue and profitability by attracting a maximum number of customers and treating them well with excellent client service. My Sales Follow-up System is very useful in fulfilling this purpose.

My Sales Follow-up System is designed to achieve the below objectives:

  • Reducing the time of manual processes: Paperwork is endless, time-consuming and difficult to keep track of it. For instance, drafting an initial quotation and putting it up for approval of the supervisor is time-consuming. Jotting down notes here and there on notebooks regarding customer follow-ups is hectic. Therefore, this system is an all-inclusive one that is intended to reduce manual processes.
  • Track the Follow-up Process: Customers approach us with a need, and converting them into company sales depends solely on frequent follow-ups with the intention of fulfilling the customers’ exact requirements. This system automates the whole Follow-up process, making it very helpful for the sales representatives to keep track of all their potential customers.
  • Track the employee performance: It is not about rewarding or penalizing the employees at the end of the review period. This system allows the supervisors to continuously keep an eye on the employee performance, especially with regard to customer follow-ups and sales conversion. This enables early identification of gaps in employee performance and any lags in the sales target achievement, therefore to easily achieve the company targets.
  • Give the best customer service: Customers are the king and they need to be given the best support before and after sales. Not all customers come to the stores with 100% knowledge on the products that they need to buy. Instead, sales representatives need to give adequate information and decision time to make purchase decisions. Therefore, through this Follow-up system, customers are held closely and given the best service.
  • Internal Quotation process: Through this system, it is possible that the sales representative, who is the contact point with the customers, generates the quotation in the system and passes it on to the supervisor for approval. The supervisor is facilitated to edit and/or approve the internal quotation in the system itself.
  • Increase the Sales Revenue: This is the ultimate business objective for any type of organization; and through this My Sales Follow-up system, increase in sales revenue and profitability is guaranteed.

My Sales Follow-up System has two defined roles – Admin panel and several Users.

The Admins have below authorities in the system:

  • Add/View/Edit Companies, i.e. to handle the client database entered into the system
  • Add/View/Edit Contact persons, i.e. to manage the contact information of the clients
  • Add/View/Edit Quotations: When a customer approaches a sales representative, a price quotation can be prepared in the system, and the admin can view them through the system, edit and/or approve in the system itself, without any manual processes involved.
  • Add/View/Edit Follow-ups: The sales representatives update every piece of information about contacting and following-up with a client. The admins are facilitated to continuously monitor these follow-ups. This is very helpful in monitoring the employee performance, sales generations, or even to involve resolving any disputes.
  • Add/View/Edit Reminders: The system is capable of sending reminders for any scheduled calls or meeting, or any unclosed follow-ups for a longer period. The Admins are capable to manage these reminders, may be cancel or close a reminder.
  • Notifications for Process: The system sends notifications on a frequent basis for unclosed subjects, and on completion of each step of a client management process. The Admins are authorized to manage these notification processes.

The Sales Representatives can download the My Sales Follow-up App in their mobile devices, and below activities can be performed through the App:

  • Create/Update Follow-up: When a customer makes the first call to a sales representative and discusses his product requirements, the sales representative under his profile can create a new customer contact in the App. Similarly, when the second or third calls are made to the same customer, this information can also be updated under the same customer.
  • Add Contact Person to the system: After adding a customer under the sales representative’s profile, the information on contact person/s such as name, address, telephone number, email, etc. can be updated.
  • Create/View/Edit Quotation: The sales representative could prepare the price quotations for individual customers, and send it to the supervisors through the App for approval.
  • Create/Edit Reminders: Follow-up calls or meetings to be scheduled with the customers in the following days can be set as a reminder with specific date and time. The App sends automatic reminders before few minutes. This takes away the requirement to note down in diaries and refer them every day.
  • Receive/Mute Notifications: The system is designed to send notifications for unclosed follow-ups and at the completion of each step of customer handling. The sales representatives have the option of enabling and disabling selected notifications at his convenience, maybe during his vacation period.
  • Adding Maps for the follow-up visits: The App is also capable of capturing and storing the location of customers in a map embedded. This becomes very handy for the sales representatives in making follow-up field visits.

My Sales Follow-up System has been tested to be a very effective method for quick sales conversion. This is being used as an internal system for the time being and is expected to be extended to connect external parties to the organization’s system.

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