Natures Beauty Creations Ltd.

25 Aug 2021

Natures Beauty Creations Ltd. (NBC) is the home for several popular brands relating to skin care, bath & body, hair care, baby care and fragrance. Nature’s Secrets, Misumi, Panda Baby, Sucses, Iris, Selfie, Elithe, Champion, Chandi Panda and MyDoc are the proud brands from NBC.

The company is known as the Sri Lanka’s Greenest Cosmetics Manufacturer. It is a company which manufactures its products complying with international quality standards. NBC is the Sri Lanka’s highest awarded and certified herbal cosmetics manufacturer.

NBC strongly believes in 5 sustainability pillars: Biodiversity conservation and carbon sequestration, Sustainable waste management, Water supply, clean water and sanitation, Education and awareness, and Ethical and Responsible Beauty.

As a company with the passion to provide the very best eco-friendly and bio-friendly products to the customers, has to have a website that is informative and attractive to the buyers.

The Corporate Website:


The newly designed corporate website is virtually revamping. NBC has a deep love and respect for nature. Their values include finding inspiration in nature, whilst passionately protecting it for future prosperity. To resemble the greatest love towards nature, the corporate website has been designed to give a rick look with a green concept. You would see that a large volume of useful information has been presented visually and in text, in an interesting and an attractive manner to the readers. The upgraded website has a super speed for swift browsing, which was the greatest drawback in the previous version of the website.

The E-Commerce Website:

The corporate website is also connected with another platform, which is the e-commerce website of NBC. Several features of this online platform have been improved to provide enhanced shopping experience to the customers. The e-commerce website is very user-friendly and through this NBC products can be purchased with few clicks.

How does it work?

  • Product categories are listed in the tab, and when one category is selected, products are listed there under.
  • Select the products and add to the cart. When a product is selected, customers are given more information on the description of the product, ingredients, method of using, reviews of the product and other similar products. This information is very helpful for the customers to decide if that is the exact product he/she should go for, and also indirectly persuades the customers by creating more interest on the product.
  • Finally, the customer needs to check out and insert information on payment details. This takes the customer to a separate secure platform to complete the payment.

It is just these 3 steps, where the customer needs to browse, select and pay for the product. The website allows the customers to create accounts/ profiles with separate user login details. This provides the best opportunity for NBC to extend more customized services to repeating buyers.

NBC also provides delivery facilities to the ordered products, which can be tracked through the user login.

All in all, the newly re-designed corporate website and e-commerce platform have enhanced the customer experience with NBC products. Now, the NBC customers’ most favorite personal care brands are just few clicks away.

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