The Velona Cuddles Subscription App

25 Aug 2021

The Velona Cuddles Subscription App is Sri Lanka’s First Diaper Subscription Service App, which is user friendly and brings a whole new level of convenience to the lives of young parents all over Sri Lanka. Velona customers feel this App very handy as the App is capable of remembering the customer requirements through past orders, remind the customers to place the order and deliver it on time to the doorstep free of delivery charge.

The app involves three simple steps: user login, selecting the suitable diaper subscription bundle and entering payment details. The Velona App has the following special features, which makes the App user friendly, time-saving and preferred by all customers:

  • Manage User Profile: The App gives the opportunity to create multiple profiles with the same login for individual kids through the account dashboard.
  • Customized profiles for each child: If the customer is purchasing Velona products for more than one child, the App is capable to cater each child with their specific requirements through customized separate profiles.
  • Diaper size Calculator: Babies grow sooner, but their parents might forget to change the diaper size frequently. The embedded diaper size calculator with the App is capable to track the baby’s age and weight changes and remind the customers to change the diaper size.
  • Subscription Bundles: Customers can Subscribe and Save when they sign up to one of the several diaper subscription bundles available through the App. The bundles have been created based on average diaper usage stats collected over the years.
  • Create Custom Bundles: Customers do not necessarily stick only with Velona suggested subscription bundles. Instead, they can check out a large number of listed products in the App, pick choose the required products and create custom bundles, as per their preferences.
  • Individual Product Buying: Rather than purchasing in bundles, customers also have the flexibility to make orders of selected one or few products, maybe as an urgent purchase. This could be even a completely different product that may not be inside the customer’s usual subscription/ custom bundle.
  • Entire Velona Cuddles range at your fingertips: Subscribing to a bundle gives the customers access to the Extra Packs section that allows them to purchase any quantity of other products in the extensive range. Whether it is a swim diaper for a baby or an adult diaper pack for an elderly relative, orders can be made for any of Velona items in a few easy taps.
  • History option of purchased products and subscriptions: It could be for subscription bundle, custom bundle or individual product buying, the App is capable of storing all the purchase order histories facilitating the customers to refer them in making future orders.
  • Flexibility to change the Subscription bundles: Customers can go back to the App and edit their subscription preferences, for instance when the baby’s diaper size changes. Also, if the customer is going away on holiday, he might Pause their Subscription. If delivery location changes, or any other changes in personal details, the App accommodates such changes.
  • Delivery Cycle: The App is capable of remembering the customer’s periodical requirement of Velona products. Parents can choose how often they want their diaper bundle delivered by selecting one of 3 delivery cycles: every 2 weeks, 4 weeks or 6 weeks. Once the subscription is set up with a preferred bundle and cycle, the diapers will seamlessly arrive at their doorstep.
  • Notification for every process: Customers can choose the notification settings. Based on the customer preferences, the App is capable of sending push up messages to remind the next Velona Subscription order, new product offers, seasonal discount offers, ready to deliver messages, daily tips for young parents, etc.
  • Social Logins: Velona App can be connected via one of the social media accounts of the customers, such as Facebook, Instagram or Gmail. Through this, selected customer information is captured while ensuring customer privacy. This enables more customer targeting based on his requirements and preferences.
  • Earning Points by purchasing through the App: Velona orders through the App are encouraged by enabling the customers to earn Points to their wallets with continuous App purchases.

  • Redeemable Points and Coupons: Customers are given the option to redeem the earned points on a periodical basis. This is bundled with other offers and discounts. Loyal customers are also offered with seasonal discounts through coupons and promo codes.
  • Payment methods: Several payment options are given via Velona App: cash on delivery and Visa, Master and Amex card payments. Customer account details are stored securely in the App for easy and quick payments next time. The App redirects payments via cards securely to a separate payment platform and instantly deducts the bill amount from the customer’s bank.
  • Refunds via App: At unavoidable circumstances such as when Velona products become unavailable for delivery, or the customer requests a refund after payment and the company accepts it, even refunds can be made through the App to the customer’s connected bank account. Refund status is promptly updated in the App.
  • E-commerce App: All in all, Velona App can be referred to as a complete e-commerce App. Starting from identifying the customer’s periodical requirement, to placing the order, processing the order, making payments and prompting the customer for his next purchase, everything can be handled by the App alone. The customer is free of mind because his requirements are swiftly fulfilled by the Velona App, and the merchant is benefitted because their customers are properly looked after and taken care of by the App.
  • Customer Call Centre: App alone does not suffice at times for certain customers. There is also an option facilitating the customers to call or email through the App. This enables them to directly connect with one of the sales representatives of  Threadworks (Pvt.) Ltd. and resolve any queries or issues.
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